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Run Coaching

For runners and triathletes who want ongoing support personally. I offer bespoke coaching solutions for efficient, injury free running.

Whatever distance your training for, I’ll guide you through the process to get you there injury free and successfully.

I’ll take care of your training programme leaving you free to get the training done with confidence!

Personal planning & Why?

I believe that there is no easy way of completing your goal without the correct training and planning. This is extremely true in running!

No generic plan will fit all. The art of a good race is about the correct training and planning that goes into it.

My job is to take you on the journey without you wondering what you should be doing next.

The biggest challenge to consistency in particular is injury. The reason why I always incorporate S&C into your programmes is so that I can keep you running injury free.

I cannot recommend Gary enough.

I first met up with Gary when I had pulled my hamstring and in a complete panic that I had managed to gain a space in New York Marathon via the ballot system. Gary set up the running club and from that day forward I was supported in all aspects of my training, from training plans, club support, hydration, fueling and muscle care.

It was thanks to Gary’s support and advice I stood at the start line in New York, fit, healthy and most importantly confident. I knew I’d done the right training and had everything I needed. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and thanks to Gary I completed my first marathon and my first world major! Looking forward to more nagging and more training plans to complete the 6 World Majors.

C Poole

‘I went to Gary because I’d lost my motivation in running, and with a couple of races coming up, I was really struggling with my training. I met up with Gary to discuss my plans for the races, he asked me what expectations I had, and what training I was currently doing. Straight away I was impressed with how encouraging Gary was about achieving my goals, his technical knowledge about how I’d achieve this through a properly constructed training plan. Throughout my training program with Gary, he offered plenty of encouragement and advice, along with his running club, I achieved my running goals, and reached a level of running fitness I never ever thought I’d reach. If anyone asks me about a running coach, I always recommend Gary, he’s a first rate coach, whatever your goal, Gary will get you to achieve it, I can’t thank him enough for getting my motivation back.

R Thomas

Club Running

Deciding to join a club is one of the best things that any runner can do, whatever your level. Club membership can often instigate big improvements in performance and, more importantly, provide enduring memories, experiences and companionship.

We all run for different reasons, weather it’s to lose weight, keep fit or, in some cases, to enter and maybe even win races. But whatever the motivation for lacing up your trainers and hitting the roads and trails, there’s a compelling reason why being a member of a club can help make running even better.

Not everyone runs to race and I’m fine with that, but if running to complete is your thing, then the Gary Howells Run Club provides a range of events from road races to cross country, to get the competitive juices flowing. 

The vocal and moral support from team-mates can often be the difference between a good and a great run, as can the opportunity to run and compete against runners of similar or slightly better ability.

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