Overcoming Shin Splints


Shin Splints are caused by lots of micro tears in either the Tibialis Anterior (Anterior shin splints) or Tibialis Posterior (Posterior shin splints), where the muscle attach onto the tibia and your body responds with an inflammatory response.


Now, these micro tears occur when you start a new exercise that your body hasn’t adapted to yet. Like when you start running after long periods of not; when you increase your speed/frequency/intensity of running (like starting speed intervals or increasing your distance in marathon training)


But not all hope is lost!!! These injuries respond well to Sports Therapy and I usually use some acupuncture & RockTape to help your healing along. You just have to slowly ease into new routines & progress slowly to avoid them occurring again. I suggest a return to Run Plan for any runner suffering with this. 

Shin splints Rehab program 

Repeat 2-3x Per Week for Rehabilitation Purposes

Range of Motion Warm-Up

  • Ankle Circles Counterclockwise: 1×15
  • Ankle Circles Clockwise: 1×15
  • Ankle Pumps Up/Down: 1×15 (Up and down is 1 rep)
  • Ankle Pumps Side-to-side: 1×15 (Side to side is 1 rep)


  • Straight Leg Calf Stretch: 4x30sec
  • Bent Knee Calf Stretch: 4x30sec
  • Big Toe Stretch: 4x30sec (Prop big toe on elevated surface and lean forward)
  • Foam Rolling
    • Gastroc and Soleus
    • Plantar Fascia


  • Towel scrunches: 10-15 all the way pulled to you
    • This should be done with you seated and having the towel on a slick surface like a kitchen floor
  • Towel Sweeps: 3×10 (1 rep is back and forth like a windshield wiper)
  • Toe pick-ups: 3x with at least 15 items
    • Again, you will be seated, have something like marbles or stones or any little item that you’re able to pick up with your toes and place in a cup
  • Isometric Toe Curls (Curl your toes into the floor and hold for 10 seconds, repeat 10 reps, 3x)
  • Banded Ankle Dorsiflexion: 3×15 (Slow eccentric portion)
  • Banded Ankle Eversion: 3×15 (Slow eccentric portion)
  • Banded Ankle Inversion: 3×15 (Slow eccentric portion)
  • Banded Ankle Plantarflexion: 3×15 (Slow eccentric portion)
  • Toe Walks: 3×20 Steps
  • Heel Walks: 3×20 Steps

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