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Gary is very knowledgeable and immediately diagnosed my pain within 10 minutes of meeting. MH

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run analysis

 Technique and analysis are key factors to running faster, more efficiently and injury free. GH

sports therapy

Would highly recommend seeing Gary If you’re a keen runner, whether it’s to improve your speed or stay injury free! WR


Run Coaching & Run Club

Excellent running session last night and good company coached by Gary Howells Running Club. PG

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Gary has a broad range of skills, knowledge and experience from working in a range of clinics but now focuses predominantly on Triathletes / Runners.


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What is the Marathon des Sables?

Everything you need to know about one of the toughest races in the world By Gary Howells Run Coaching Commonly referred to as “THE MdS” it’s branded as ‘The toughest

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Sub 2 Hour Running

A question I get most frequently asked in my running group is how fit do you really need to be to run a sub 2hr half marathon? The answer I

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Overcoming Shin Splints

SHIN SPLINTS  Shin Splints are caused by lots of micro tears in either the Tibialis Anterior (Anterior shin splints) or Tibialis Posterior (Posterior shin splints), where the muscle attach onto

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